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Hi Iím Dawn Rosser.

Welcome to my private psychotherapy service, based in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

One of the most liberating and enriching experiences a person can have is truly knowing and being themselves. This is my passion!

You may be feeling stuck or powerless, or that something is missing. Feel you are going round in circles or history is repeating itself. Or you may already be on a journey of self-development and want to delve deeper.

I believe we have everything we need within, but life experiences overlay and condition us, affecting our perceptions and beliefs.

Psychotherapy is a rite of passage; an invaluable self-help tool in self-discovery, realisation and manifestation.

Together we work proactively to uncover what is helping and hindering at your earliest sensory levels; the underpinning of who and how we are. Creative techniques as well as talking facilitate a direct, authentic, lasting experience. We resolve the root issues, establish inner security and reintegrate your true nature, so that you feel whole and free to flourish.

I look forward to working with you.


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Present Parents - The Gift of Being Proactive

An experiential weekend workshop with Dawn Rosser, Transformative Psychologist.

Using creative techniques we focus on how to be with and help your children flourish through proactive parenting . . .

I feel so grateful to Dawn for helping me recognise the issue, and fixing our relationship . . ."

. . . Parents of adult children will really really really benefit from this workshop. I am so grateful for Dawn's creative non-judgemental delivery on how to make parenting a more rewarding experience"

. . . a journey of realisation & discovery...it...helped me to identify the parent I want to be & can be"

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