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Fees & Info
Contract & Fees
  • Sessions are held weekly at an allotted time, for 50 minutes.
  • The session fee is £70.
  • 2 working days notice from your appointment time is required for cancellations, otherwise the full fee is charged.
  • Please provide as much notice as possible for holidays.

To gain the most from this experience, you need to attend regularly, be open and curious and continue working with the process in between sessions. It is a commitment to you, an investment in yourself.

Confidentiality Statement
  • Sessions are confidential, shared only between client, therapist and clinical supervisor.
  • Confidentiality will be broken if there is risk of danger to the client or anyone else disclosed.
  • Breaks in confidentiality, where possible, are discussed with clients, unless this puts the client or anyone else at risk.
  • Themes, not content, of children’s sessions may be shared with parents to facilitate the process.
  • Child Protection procedures are adhered to.

Code of Ethics

Adherence to the UKCP Code of Ethics.

Child Protection policy in place in line with Every Child Matters.

I feel so grateful to Dawn for helping me recognise the issue, and fixing our relationship . . ."

. . .Our daughter has flourished with your care and your help"

. . . The Present Parenting workshop has been invaluable"

. . . Parents of adult children will really really really benefit from this workshop. I am so grateful for Dawn's creative non-judgemental delivery on how to make parenting a more rewarding experience"

". . . a journey of realisation & discovery...it...helped me to identify the parent I want to be & can be"

Home   ::  Children & Parents  ::  Techniques  ::  Testimonials  ::  About Dawn  ::  Fees & Info  ::  Contact Dawn  ::  Workshops