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Creative Imagination

This is the world of symbology, myths, fairytales and dreams. Various techniques include guided or open imagery, body, breath and sound work, dream work, visualization and meditation.


Along with other forms of artwork also allow the visual expression of experiences and feelings, which may be difficult to name or even unknown.


This is a diagnostic tool, which can be used to bridge the realities of the conscious, physical world with the unconscious dream-like world. This can enable integration of all aspects of ourselves, including our shadow, latent potentials and qualities.

Play Therapy

This is a self-healing process in which, through fiction, children can express, confront and make sense of their conscious and unconscious experiences, feelings, thoughts and concerns. Communicating through metaphor and symbolism, within a contained and safe therapeutic environment, the child is free to explore. A natural component of healthy child development, play enables self-awareness, discovery and mastery of skills and social values.


This is a deeply powerful, self-healing, hands-on method of psychotherapy. It is a regressive process and can be experienced as a “dream-like” state. This visceral and visual process enables the client to create three-dimensional imagery, connecting inner with outer reality. The sand stimulates the pads of the fingertips, which link directly to the emotional ‘Limbic System’ (Siegel, 1999), bypassing the rational logic of the mind. Sandplay is often a silent activity in which the therapist contains and witnesses the client’s creations, facilitating healing and transformation.

Role Play and Chair Work

Through experimentation and acting out, emotional complexes are brought into the present, providing insight and empathy, enabling them to be worked through and released.

Water, clay and finger paints

These have the same visceral and visual experience as sandplay.

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