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Self-Development Workshops
Present Parents - The Gift of Being Proactive

An experiential weekend workshop with Dawn Rosser, Transpersonal Child Psychotherapist.

Using creative techniques we focus on how to be with and help your children flourish through proactive parenting (i.e. openness, awareness and solidity). The benefits of being a "Present Parent" are far reaching and life changing, for both your children and you. Life becomes more enjoyable and easier, with settled, happy kids and even happier, positive, calm parents and the list goes on...!

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Expanding Our Self-Awareness by braving the Elements!

Raising our self-awareness promotes insight into who we truly are, how we relate to others and the world around us. This self-knowledge cultivates presence, balance and an openness to life.

Nature can provide us with guidance in Being ourselves. It doesn’t judge, doubt or compare, it just is. We can link nature’s qualities and dangers to our own behaviours and, in doing so, can choose what to accept or change to be more authentic and just as we are!

Join Dawn in this experiential one-day workshop exploring these links to uncovering our natural self. We can learn a lot by getting back to nature . . .

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I feel so grateful to Dawn for helping me recognise the issue, and fixing our relationship . . ."

. . .Our daughter has flourished with your care and your help"

. . . The Present Parenting workshop has been invaluable"

. . . Parents of adult children will really really really benefit from this workshop. I am so grateful for Dawn's creative non-judgemental delivery on how to make parenting a more rewarding experience"

". . . a journey of realisation & discovery...it...helped me to identify the parent I want to be & can be"

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